Taha Tekstil

Taha Tekstil is a member of the Taha Group which is one of the biggest textile manufacturers in Turkey and also in the world. Taha Group which was founded in 1988 has been providing services for leading brands in the industry for a long time. As a member of Taha Group ,which manufactures more than 20 million/year fashion garments for Western Europe and North America markets, Taha Tekstil has specialized in jersey garment manufacturing. Since it was founded, our company has benefitted from the know-how and the wide manufacturer and supplier networks of the group, and today, still benefits from them.

We have always put our customers in the center of our business, and since the very beginning, we believed this to be the best way to achieve sustainable success. In line with this approach, Taha Tekstil adopted a flexible and innovative organizational model which quickly fulfills the needs of industry, and improved this model day after day. Our company follows fashion trends and the markets closely and also offers clothing line options to customers by working on its own designs for a while.