Green Factory

As Taha Group, it’s very important for us to fulfill our responsibilities towards the environment. By the second half of the last century, humankind became aware of the extent of the environmental damage caused by humans. The depletion of the ozone layer, the issues regarding global warming and the gradual decrease of clean water sources are only a few of these serious problems.

A well-known Native American saying states that this world is not inherited from our ancestors, but it is entrusted to us by our children. Environmental sensitivity is primarily a matter of awareness and responsibility. Our approach towards this issue is defined by how we see the world. Do we consider the world as a source that we can consume on end, or as a treasure that needs to be preserved? We believe that the latter is correct.

In line with this perception, our priorities are efficient consumption of energy sources, insulation, lighting and temperature control, sustainable improvements on water and waste management in order to decrease the impacts of global warming and environmental pollution.

In parallel with our environmental responsibilities, we are carrying out Green Factory projects and certification programs in all our divisions. Within the context of the Green Factory, we are saving on the consumption of electricity, water and natural gas, ensuring that waste recycling is done in line with the regulations, and we are raising awareness on green manufacturing applications that will contribute to our efforts in this field.

In order to reach the primary goals defined within the context of the Green Factory project, Taha Tekstil works on reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, increasing the usage of renewable resources, decreasing the consumption of natural resources and contributing to decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases.