Human Resource

Taha Group’s corporate culture depends on honesty, continuous learning & improvement and teamwork. These principles are the basis of employee relations.

One of the key factors behind Taha Tekstil’s success is its Human Resources policy that has been maintained for many years. Here’s what we believe in: Good outcomes are always achieved by good teams, and good teams can only be composed of good people. You can recruit good people with high performance only by providing them with a work environment where they can feel a certain trust and be happy, and also by promising them a future in accordance with their career goals. Taha Tekstil has been taking action with this principle and outlook for years, striving to reach the global golden standard in all of its departments.

Our company not only works with the best in the field, but also reinvents its Human Resources systems continuously, contributes to their progress and makes employee training a priority.

We consider our fair and respectful human resources policy as the guarantee of our working culture.

Job Opportunities

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